THE NEIGHBOR Wins – Grand Prix des lectrices de Elle, prix du policier

Elle Magazine Award
Here are photos of my great adventure, as I accepted Best Thriller of the Year (…Grand Prix des lectrices de Elle, prix du policier) from Elle magazine for my novel, The Neighbor, or La Maison d’a Cote, as it’s known in France (The House Next Door).

Elle magazine France is separate from Elle magazine US. So while the award is from Elle magazine, you won’t see mention of it in the US edition. But if you can read French, check out the May issue of Elle ( for a full page write up on La Maison d’a Cote and the prix du policier.

Guest of honor for the evening was the grande dame of suspense herself, Mary Higgins Clark. She discussed her 35 year love affair with France. I hope one day to be so lucky myself

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