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Quincy hunts serial killer Jim Beckett in THE PERFECT HUSBAND before meeting Rainie Conner in THE THIRD VICTIM then nearly losing all in THE NEXT ACCIDENT and GONE. Next, he applauds his daughter, Kimberly Quincy, joining the FBI in THE KILLING HOUR and SAY GOODBYE. Finally he and Rainie expand their family in RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

The Perfect Husband

FBI Profiler #1

Jim Beckett was everything she’d ever dreamed of. . . But two years after Tess married the decorated cop and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. Now the cunning killer has escaped – and the most dangerous game of all begins. . .

Published: December 1, 1997

The Third Victim

FBI Profiler #2

FBI profiler Pierce Quincy must partner with local deputy Rainie Conner to investigate an unspeakable act which has ripped apart the idyllic town of Bakersville, Oregon. But though a boy has confessed to the horrific crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty.

Published: January 30, 2001

The Next Accident

FBI Profiler #3

What do you do when a killer targets the people you love most? How do you protect them when he knows their most secret fears and hidden desires? FBI profiler Pierce Quincy has dedicated his career to understanding the evil that men do. But now, someone is targeting the people Quincy holds most dear, including his daughters, Amanda and Kimberly.

Published: August 28, 2001

The Killing Hour

FBI Profiler #4

Rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy knows the killer’s deadline can be met. But she’ll have to break some rules to beat an exactingly vicious criminal at a game he’s had time to perfect. For the Killing Hour has arrived. . .

Published: July 15, 2003


FBI Profiler #5

Now retired from the FBI, Pierce Quincy is looking forward to a life of leisure with his wife, private investigator Rainie Conner. But their idyllic dreams are shattered when Rainie is kidnapped, and Quincy and his daughter Kimberly must race against the clock to rescue her.

Published: January 31, 2006

Say Goodbye

FBI Profiler #6

Now pregnant, FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy takes on the most dangerous case of her career, involving half a dozen missing prostitutes, two kidnapped children, one lying informant, and a villain who is obsessed with spiders. Get ready to be very, very scared. . .

Published: July 15, 2008

The 4th Man (eSHORT)

FBI Profiler #6.5

FBI Profiler Pierce Quincy and Officer Rainie Conner return to assist Boston Detective D.D. Warren in a baffling cold case involving the murder of a college student, too many suspects, and a missing pair of shoes.

Available in ebook format now.

Published: December 27, 2016

Right Behind You

FBI Profiler #7

Pierce Quincy and Rainie Conner return to find a fugitive on the run. . .who could be the brother of their recently adopted daughter.

Published: January 31, 2017

Never Tell

FBI Profiler #8

#1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner returns with an unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D.D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there.

Published: February 19, 2019

When You See Me

FBI Profiler #9

Boston Detective D.D. Warren, FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy and vigilante Flora Dane return to investigate a cold case that quickly turns red hot in a small town where nothing is as it seems. Flora always assumed her kidnapper Jacob Ness took his secrets to the grave. Or did he? With lives hanging in the balance, she must finally learn the explosive truth.

Published: January 28, 2020
Lisa Gardner - #1 New York Times bestselling author of suspense
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